How are Halo extensions different from clip-in hair extensions?

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  1. Clips-ins and other hair extension methods are widely known for causing damage and stress on your natural hair. Our Untangled® Halo extensions do not damage your hair and are a great, easy and quick way to transform your hair, both in length and volume. Unlike other hair extension methods, halo extensions sit on top of your hair rather than attach to it. This means that nothing is pulling or weighing on your natural strands. There is no stress on your natural hair or hair follicles. 
  2. There is no commitment with halo extensions. You don’t have to spend time or money at the salon to attach or re-adjust your extensions. Our Untangled® Halo extensions  are super easy to apply and remove yourself. With the right training you can do it within seconds. And yet, their full coverage makes them reliably durable for long lasting wear. 
  3. They are also perfect for people with no previous experience that are new to hair extensions. Our Untangled® Halo extensions are lightweight and super comfortable, and you will barely notice that you are wearing them. Since there are no clips, beads or tape involved you will never have to worry whether they are showing or not.

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