What are the benefits of Halo extensions?

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  • Make life easier - Instantly thicker and longer hair in a matter of seconds.
  • No risk - They do not cause any damage to your natural hair or your hair follicles. This means you can continue to grow and maintain your hair in the meantime.
  • No commitments - Halo extensions aren't permanent, so you can put it in and take out of your hair yourself whenever you want.
  • Save money - No regular salon visits or expensive maintenance! Say goodbye to expensive and time-consuming appointments re-applying permanent extensions. 
  • Our Untangled® Halo extensions are super easy to apply and remove yourself. With the right training you can do it within seconds.
  • They are perfect for people with no previous experience and that are new to hair extensions.
  • Our Untangled® Halo extensions are lightweight and super comfortable, and you will barely notice that you are wearing them. 
  • Opportunities for lots of different new hairstyles, volumes and lengths. They can be worn in hundreds of different ways. 
  • Our Untangled® Halo extensions will easily blend in with your natural hair. You can also style your halo extension together with your natural hair with low heat styling tools. 
  • Since there are no clips, beads or tape involved you will never have to worry whether they are showing or not. 
  • You never have to worry about whether your extensions are slipping or not staying in place. The weight of the halo extension is evenly distributed across your head. Your natural hair combed on top of the extensions also add an extra security level for the hair to stay in place.

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