Are your Halo extensions made of human hair?

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At Untangled®, we refuse to buy into the unethical practices for sourcing real hair and putting women's well-being at risk. Our Untangled® extensions are made of high-end synthetics that look and feel like real hair. One of our goals at Untangled® is to make sure our consumers are informed on the hair industry we're trying to "Untangle". 

Untangled® as a whole, is an ethically sourced hair extension brand with high-end quality extensions. We all need to stand together as a whole to combat the abuse these women are facing all over the world and on a daily basis. The more our customers demand ethically sourced hair in the extensions they choose to purchase, the faster we can put this hair dilemma to rest.

Here are some articles you can read up on regarding some of the practices we're trying to fight against. We would really love for the women who purchase our products to have a voice, and be empowered.

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